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Drvenik - Makarská Riviera

Key Info

Drvenik is a littoral tourist village of the makarska riviera,about 30 km distant from makarska.Situated between the steep cliffs of the mountain Biokovo and the coast with beautiful beaches.The village is divided in two parts,situaadet in two valleys denominated Donja Vala and Gornja Vala.

The History of Drvenik dates far back into past.On the knoll to the north of the village are the remains of the tower with defanse walls dating from 17th century.

A Gothic Church of in Gornji Drvenik under The mount plina.Its oldest part dates probably from 15th century.It was several times rebuilt and later on restructured in the baroqe style.The old gravestones in the form standing tmbestones were incorporated in this walls.In 1887 the church was expanded to stsfy the demands of the growinf population.On the church front there is an eight-petal rose window, and on the top there is an ornamented distaff shaped church-towe with two bells.Inside the Church there is a big marble altar with the statue of on it.

After an Earthquake in1962,all inhabititants of gornji Drvenik moved to the coast,And a new church of our lady of the Carmelites was built in 1967.The Church is situated on the hillabove the road between two valleys of Drvenik.

Nowadays Drvenik is a well-known tourist village oriented entirely toward development of touris industry.Drvenik has about 480 inhabitants and it has available ca.1600 beds in domestic industry,holiday flats and villas,including also the hotel ""Qercus"" drvenik is an important traffic center while there is a car ferry landig of the ferry conneecting the island of Hvar with the coast.The rich gastronomic offer Dalmatian taverns and the beautiful beaches in the shade of pines attract an increasing number of touristis to Drvenik inviting them to spend their holidays there.

Source of information: Croatian National Tourist Board


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