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Island Premuda - Riviera Zadar

Key Info

Premuda is 9 km long, up to 1 km wide, and has an area of 9.2 km2 Premuda, situated southwest of Silba and northwest of Škarda, is the westernmost island in the Zadar archipelago. Premuda is largely covered with holm oak, low woods and olive trees, which have recently been growing in popularity. The island has two ports: the north one is called Loza and the south one with a newly built ferry port is called Krijal. Premuda has a daily fast boat connection with Zadar, and in the winter season the ferry travels three times a day (in summer every day). There are apartments and rooms to rent on the island and the number of tourists visiting keeps increasing from year to year.

Premuda is also an attractive destination for boaters and divers. Near Premuda there are numerous attractive locations for diving, such as the popular „cathedral“, a system of caves that enchants with its beauty. The remains of the sunken ship ""Szent Istvan"" are accessible only to the most experienced.

Source of information: Croatian National Tourist Board


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