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Bay Vela Rasoha - Blato - Island Korčula

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The oldest village on the island of Korčula, Blato, is situated in a fertile valley and on hill tops covered with vines. The village is surrounded by picturesque bays and islands with pretty beaches, and accommodation is available in private apartments or in one of the nearby campsites where you can also find good traditional Mediterranean cooking.

In the centre of the village there is the ethno-house Barilo, an atrium and a church with a bell tower where the rich social life of the village used to take place. The most famous street is Zlinj, lined with linden trees and with a park nearby. During the summer months, the street offers some welcome shade and represents the excellent natural and cultural values of the village.

Source of information: Croatian National Tourist Board


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For holidays in Croatia in the season 2019 you will recieve a discount from 3 % to 5 % of the total price (Discount is valid until 31.10.2019).

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When ordering your holidays in Croatia by one person:

  • group of 8 – 11 persons
    discount 20 €
  • group of 12 – 15 persons
    discount 40 €
  • group of 16 – 20 persons
    discount 60 €
  • group of 21 – 25 persons
    discount 80 €
  • group of 26 – 30 persons
    discount 120 €
  • groups of more than 30 persons
    a discount agreement

Amount for the stay must be paid on one invoice
and will be issued only one voucher.

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