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Our team

Here are a few members of the Adria Databanka team - some of the staff who man our branches and telephone lines, and some of our closest associates.

Katerina Tausova
Mgr. Kateřina Tausová
Office & B2B Manager
PhDr. Ladislav Skácal
PhDr. Ladislav Skácal
General Manager
Azra Lukšija
Azra Lukšija
Head of Reservation department
Alba Stambuk
Mgr. Alba Štambuk
Project Manager
Translator (Croatian)
Marketa Svestkova
Markéta Švestková
Adisa Diversic
Adisa Dervišić
Orders & Reservations Manager
Jiri Jaros
Bc. Jiří Jaroš
Upgrade & IT Manager
Web developer
Tomáa Zák
Tomáš Žák
Petr Kubec
Ing. Petr Kubec
Graphic designer
Mgr. Ewa Śmiegelska
Mgr. Ewa Śmiegelska
Orders & Reservations Manager
Translator (Polish)
Eva Nunvářová
Bc. Eva Nunvářová
Orders & Reservations Manager
Translator (Polish)
Daniela Podstawková
Mgr. Daniela Podstawková
Orders & Reservations Manager
Translator (Polish)
Mirka Stojnić
Mgr. Mirka Stojnić
House owner relationship manager
Mgr. Iveta Drápelová
Mgr. Iveta Drápelová
Orders & Reservations Manager
Translator (Deutsch)
Markéta Jarošová
Markéta Jarošová
Marie Hajná
Marie Hajná
Saida Teuvazhukova
Saida Teuvazhukova
Orders & Reservations Manager (Russia, Ukraine)
Jiří Mařík
Mgr. Bc. Jiří Mařík
Web upgrade & SW developer
Tomáš Hanáček
Ing. Tomáš Hanáček
Search Engine Marketing & Web upgrade
Marta Vodová
Ing. Marta Vodová
B2B technical support & Webmaster


slevy LAST

For holidays in Croatia in the season 2019 you will recieve a discount from 3 % to 5 % of the total price (Discount is valid until 31.08.2019).

Group discount » more

When ordering your holidays in Croatia by one person:

  • group of 8 – 11 persons
    discount 20 €
  • group of 12 – 15 persons
    discount 40 €
  • group of 16 – 20 persons
    discount 60 €
  • group of 21 – 25 persons
    discount 80 €
  • group of 26 – 30 persons
    discount 120 €
  • groups of more than 30 persons
    a discount agreement

Amount for the stay must be paid on one invoice
and will be issued only one voucher.

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Why You should choose holiday with us

  • Steady company from 1999
  • Extensive database of various accommodation facilities of all types
  • On-line shopping with more than 20 parameters for search
  • Detailed offer with information about the neighborhood
  • Unique search method via Google maps